Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our next vacation...

... is unfortunately not to the Outer Banks.

When my most recent hearing got pushed back a bit, I checked the weather for North Carolina for late November, and it was cooler than I'd like for a beach trip. So we're saving that trip for later and will probably take Gracie with us.

Instead, we decided that we would head to...

 photo 733649412_5da059a458.jpg

... Austin, Texas!

I know, I know... it's a little anti-climactic given how much I love to travel that we're only heading south about three hours.

But I really wanted to stay somewhere nice and relaxing without breaking the bank, and the only way to do that was to nix the airfare costs so that we could splurge on the hotel.

And splurge we will.

We're staying at the Travaasa, which is a spa resort located just outside of Austin. We upgraded to a canyon room, which is supposed to have incredible views of the Texas Hill Country, so I'll be excited to share pictures with y'all.

 photo canyon-signature-large.jpg

But what I'm really excited about is exploring this cool city in a way I haven't done before. I've been to Austin several times for work and then once for my sister-in-law's bachelorette party. But none of the trips was longer than a day, and I was always there for very specific purposes, so I never really got to see more than the airport, my firm's conference room, or 6th Street. 

We don't have anything really planned out yet, but there are a few things we might try and do/see/eat while we're there. Most of these involve delicious food. (Spoiler alert: I will be throwing the Paleo guidelines to the wind this weekend. Expect many pictures of really unhealthy food on my Instagram.)

Donuts at Round Rock Donuts (we've had these; they're amazing)
Donuts at Gordough's
Dinner at Oasis
See the bats fly on S. Congress
Breakfast tacos
Hike Mount Bonnell
Check out a Texas winery
Lunch at a food truck
Enjoy some live music
Black's BBQ in Lockhart

If I'm missing something significant or if these things are lame, please let me know. We're really open to doing anything. It's crazy that Texas is so big that I have lived here my whole life and still haven't even scratched the surface.


Anonymous said...

I love my city, so I am excited you are taking a vacation there. The Oasis has wonderful views, but I would not go there for the food. It might be a good place to for an appetizer and then go somewhere else (like Steiner Ranch Steakhouse-- a five minute drive from The Oasis-- and AMAZING food) instead. The Korean BBQ food truck is delicious as is the Kabob truck downtown. There is a Jazz bar called the Brass House on San Jacinto which usually has great music and a cool vibe. There is a little debate if Franklins or Le BBQ is better, but I'll let you decide. Have fun! I've been a reader for a while but am bad about commenting :-).

Aileen said...

That's so exciting! I went to a women's conference in Austin and loved it. I would definitely go back there is so much to do and lots of great food!! Have fun!

Laurie Scardina said...

EEEK!! So super jealous!! I'm dying to visit ANY city in Texas. It looks amazing!

haleypep said...

My husband and I are going to Austin this weekend for a little baby-moon getaway! Our lists are almost the same. We are also planning on seeing The Hunger Games at Alamo Drafthouse and visiting one of Paul Qui's restaurants Uchi or Uchiko. I'm jealous of your hotel! We are using points and staying at the W downtown, but those views look great!!

Mary Beth said...

How fun! I hope y'all have a fun yet relaxing getaway! I'm actually headed to Houston tomorrow night for a work trip. The only other time I have been in Texas was for a mission trip to San Antonio when I was in 7th grade 😊

The Tale of Three P's said...

Man, do I love Austin! Go paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake and shop on South Congress. So fun! I also second going to either of Paul Qui's restaurants. Yum.

Emily said...

Have a great time-can't wait to see pictures!!! :)

Emily said...

Have a great time-can't wait to see pictures!!! :)

Joey said...

Ah! While I'm bummed you won't be out this way--it sounds like you have a totally lovely getaway planned! Enjoy it mama!

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