Friday, December 26, 2014

Stitchfix Review

Time for another StitchFix* review, friends! (For a rundown on StitchFix and how it works, see this post.)

My stylist was ON POINT this month.

First, she sent this gorgeous wine-colored sleeveless top. (Did you guys know that Pantone's Color of the Year is Marsala? I think it's just so, so pretty.)

 photo IMG_0095edit.jpg
(Sorry, you guys. My mirror is filthy and I didn't even notice until I uploaded these pictures.)

I paired it with this black, lapel-less blazer they sent a couple of months back and wore it with black skinny slacks to court last week. So I'm obviously keeping it. It drapes in a really pretty, flattering way, and the cowl neck is fun, too.

 photo IMG_0068edit.jpg

Y'all. If I could marry this shirt, I totally would. It's black with 3/4-length sleeves and has the most fabulous brass, studded detail. And it's long enough to cover my derriere, which is always a plus. Definitely keeping this.

 photo IMG_0069edit.jpg photo IMG_0073edit.jpg

I'm also keeping this sweater. So cozy, decent length, and a flirty fit.

 photo IMG_0100edit.jpg photo IMG_0103edit.jpg

Unfortunately, they sent me this chevron shirt in an extra-small. Ha. I'm tempted to point out their error to them, but in all honesty, I probably wouldn't have kept it anyway. I'm not in love with the fabric, and it's sheer, which can be annoying.

The jeans were fine, just a little snug, but at $80, I'd rather them fit perfectly. So they're going back.

I'm still loving the fun and convenience of StitchFix. I'm also loving doing these posts for you guys. How do you guys feel about them? Fun? Annoying? Meh?

* These are referral links. I'll get a small credit if you sign up, but I love StitchFix, and you should check them out even if you'd rather not use a referral link. It's just :)


Kate said...

You are looking great!!! Also, I absolutely adore your bed frame--that is exactly what I would want if our bedroom wasn't a bit on the smaller side.

Jennjilla said...

Tell them about the top - they have the best customer service ever and will most likely credit your styling fee or something. I love stitch fix!

Hayley Chandler said...

It's been forever since I've read your blog!!! I have to catch up! Love these pieces!!! Once I have baby #2 in February I think it would be fun to try this!!!

Joey said...

I love these posts for a lot of reasons! 1) It makes me think that maybe I should try stitchfix once I start making some money because I SUCK AT AND HATE SHOPPING! 2) I love seeing how you wear the pieces! And 3) I LOVE SEEING HOW SKINNY YOU ARE!

Toyia Colquett said...

I'm loving the posts :)

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