Friday, April 24, 2015

Fashion Friday: A Stitchfix Review

April's StitchFix brought a few things I loved and a few things I didn't. Let's talk about it.

Bay to Baubles Celina Triple Layer Chevron and Bar Necklace ($28)

 photo 997CDF54-47CA-4507-875F-0EA36F97EBA7.jpg

I kept this necklace because I've been dying for a layered necklace, and gold is my jam. Chevron is not my jam, but this looked less chevron and more arrow to me, so I went for it. (Also, can you see how much the red has faded out of my hair? Boo.)

Collective Concepts Esten Button Up Sleeveless Blouse ($54) 

 photo 01BECD9E-44AE-462C-AA10-D101B7BA178B.jpg

 photo 238A7822-AE90-4A9D-B017-FBB0F12FFAD1.jpg

The shape of this was off. As was the price.

Papermoon Briar Maxi Dress ($78) 

 photo DB259BB7-559D-433B-9AEC-98FA4915DE73.jpg

 photo 36DB986E-D347-48E8-ACD2-6BD52062628F.jpg

When I began to pull this dress out of the box, I literally gasped I loved it so much. The fabric is to die for, both in terms of the print and the feel. SO soft. But when I put it on, there was something about the waistline that didn't flatter. I could have possibly fixed that with a belt, but I didn't feel like messing with it, so I sent it back. Tearfully.

BRIXON IVY Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse ($68) 

 photo 0C419321-DF85-4F3A-A722-ED25E42422CF.jpg

 photo 36F1D472-66B1-4909-9223-59D26001B6BD.jpg

I almost kept this shirt. For the same reasons as I almost kept the lace detail shirt from last month. I'm obsessed with lace. And though cap sleeves usually don't work on me, this shirt was really flattering, and the color is gorgeous. But I just WOULD NOT spend nearly $70 on a shirt like this. I will splurge on certain things, like dresses and tunic-ish tops, but this will end up under a cardigan for work. Not justifiable.

Pixley Colibri Bird Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse (48)

 photo BDD0E781-9E66-4CA0-BF88-97BCF9BCDDE4.jpg

 photo 81D21E54-B376-4BC7-9002-293F14A9DBA2.jpg

This was too fun not to keep. I've got tons of tab-sleeve tops from prior fixes, but I couldn't resist the whimsical bird print and the colors of this one. I want to find some fun pink skinnies to put with this top. Maybe I could pull that look off?

Two for five again this month. Have you guys joined yet? How are you liking it??

** All links in this post to StitchFix are referral links, but I love this company and do these posts because they're fun. Over and out.


Emily said...

Love that bird top!!!

Joey said...

Ugh yeah, I could see not wanting to spend that much on a top especially when it's going to end up under a cardigan. But it IS a gorgeous color!

Melissa G said...

I am so requesting the bird print top in my next fix! So cute.

Jenny Morgan said...

I love the bird top! I also haven't really gotten into lace although I want too and I really love that blue top but the price is way more than I would want to spend too. Good choices on what you got though! Can't wait to see pictures of the top on :) Happy Friday!

Kristin said...

Ain't nothing wrong with a fun print!
That dress is GORGEOUS too. How sad...

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