Friday, June 12, 2015

A Stitch Fix Review: June 2015

Y'all, my Stitch Fix stylist killed it this month. After last month's misses, I went back and edited my style profile, added some new stuff to my Pinterest board, and left a detailed note for my stylist with some general pointers and preferences. And she totally listened. I kept everything!

Crescent Sage Dress ($74) 

 photo 49A6AD5D-3668-429D-9454-76F3C8117F17.jpg photo 21A9D69E-0B39-45E7-87E1-4601CA49C5D7.jpg

This dress is perfect for summer. The fit is flattering if you've got curves, the crochet detail is gorgeous, and the print is fun and trendy. It's a teensy bit short for my taste, but I feel like adding the jean jacket gave me the ability to go a bit shorter without feeling like I was showing everyone all my goodies. Totally kept it.

Papermoon Bankside Split Neck Tunic ($64) 

 photo 17450DC1-0B56-4339-B1AB-8B421BE15A90.jpg

This tunic is so me. Like, if I saw this in a store, I'd make a beeline to it. Fit = perfect. Style = perfect. White for summer = perfect. Kept it.

Daniel Rainn Hydie Floral Print Crochet Detail Blouse ($68)

 photo 44CCAD78-CCB1-4134-8DA5-1F7B7955C6EB.jpg photo CA8F75AB-5D5C-4E41-842B-64A008759649.jpg

This shirt is also so very perfect, and I totally kept it. I love the floral print, the crochet sleeves, and the flowy fit. It's long enough for skinny jeans, and it'll look great layered underneath my favorite lightweight cardigan for work.

Papermoon Upland Embroidered Tunic ($54)

 photo 3FB6B4B6-5F81-44B9-BC4D-00B65D89EB1C.jpg

I kept this one, too. You can see that it's a bit sheer, so I'll probably wear a nude cami underneath. But the length is great for skinny jeans, and the color is fabulous for summer. I'm also majorly obsessed with the high neckline, which you can't really see in this awkward mirror selfie, but trust me. It's great.

Bancroft Alize Hammered Oval Bracelet Set ($28)

 photo 73EA7D83-8C8D-41A1-A377-20271BDC9D5B.jpg

These little bracelets are so dainty and classic! And I love that I got both silver and gold versions. Kept these, as well.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? It's seriously my favorite indulgence each month. The surprise of the box is a blast, and I'm honestly just way too busy to spend my time searching for fashionable clothing. I like being able to keep my wardrobe updated and current without having to step foot in a dressing room. Plus, I have so much fun playing dress up with this little photo bomber.

 photo EC97D85A-4649-46AC-8DF4-957393C28426.jpg

** All links in this post to StitchFix are referral links, but I love this company and do these posts because they're fun. Over and out.


Jenny Morgan said...

I am in love with both of the tunics! I haven't signed up for Stitch Fix yet but this may be the push that I need. Have a great weekend! Love the picture with your little!

Faith Golden said...

I loved this box!!! I need to do something with my profile or something. Lately mine have been a little off.

Elizabeth said...

I love your picks! Especially the embroidered tunic, looks perfect for summer!

Kristin said...

I readily admit that two of my very favorite pieces that I wear ALL the time came from Stitchfix. I just had a hard time justifying the money after a couple of months of sending lots of stuff back.

Jo Elizabeth said...

You look SO cute and SO happy!!! :) Love all of these looks on you--especially the mini photo bomber ;)

Ashley St. John said...

Love all of your outfits. I want to sign up, but haven't. I know I would probably want to keep everything. That could get costly.

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