Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hallelujah and amen...

So my phone fell in the toilet on Monday. What's ridiculous and unfortunate is that, just before I heard the telltale splash, I thought to myself, "Oh wait! My phone is in my back pocket. Maybe I should take it out. Nahhhh.... it'll be fine."

The moral of that story is that, if I am ever blessed with psychic powers, you can count on me to do absolutely nothing with them.

Fortunately, the phone is just fine. My screen was being a diva for a few hours, but apparently everything dried out, and I have avoided, for the time being, having to go buy a new phone. #hallelujah (#yesIknowblogginginhashtagsislame)

 photo CFD9C66D-536D-4ACB-AE23-61C1479C7261.jpg

And that Whole30 number 3 I was doing? Well, I made it solidly to day 16 when I cheated in an epic way. And then I squeezed through to day 22 before I enthusiastically gave up the charade. Ugh. I'm definitely doing the moderation thing okay right now, but goodness gracious. I don't need moderation. I need motivation.

Thankfully, a friend at work has been persistent in encouraging me to join her in her workout sessions. Our firm just installed a gym in our office, which really renders my ready-made excuse ("I'm too busy to schlep all my stuff to the gym and spend 45 minutes working out!") sort of moot. The workouts she does (mostly strength training with some bursts of mountain climbers, etc. to get her heart rate up) take 30 minutes at most, and the gym is right there. So I've gone with her the past week and am really liking it. I sort of overdid it yesterday (which is so lame because I was going super light on the weights), and my quad is on fire today. Let's all say a hearty "amen" that today is rest day.

 photo FF85621E-A17C-4A4F-BA28-742F246F0309.jpg

Compounding the soreness of working out, I've also made the switch to a stand-up desk at work. It's adjustable, so I can move it back down when I need to rest, which is nice. It's probably the case that, 20 years down the road, the research will demonstrate that stand-up desks are no healthier than sitting on our rears all day, every day. But for now, I feel like I'm doing something good for my body for standing up a bit more each day. And, I swear, I feel more productive. I think it's because I tell myself that I get a sit-down break as soon as I complete a task. And for a person who really despises standing, that's a pretty good incentive.

(Also, how pretty is my new painting? I got it from One King's Lane, and I'm really liking it. The artist has several pieces that I'd love, as I feel like they're the perfect mix of, "I'm a professional, and I hang serious art in my office" and also "I've totally got two X chromosomes.")

One other thing I forgot to mention here, though you may have seen it on Instagram: I'm a brand-new contributor to Dallas Moms Blog! So crazy, right? If you're a mom in the DFW area and are not already a reader of this blog and/or following them (us??) on Instagram and Facebook, you're definitely missing out. I had been reading for over a year when they announced an open call for some new contributors, and I just thought, "Hey, I think I want to get to know those women!" Because it really is a diverse group of moms who have tons of great ideas on doing life well with kids. I think I'll most certainly be the underachiever in the group with not a whole lot to contribute, but you'll nevertheless be able to find me there once a month, rambling as I do here. :)

Last, but certainly not least, Gracie is still cute.

 photo 0C22DFDB-9323-4BB8-90E4-87E556C03421.jpg

Just in case you were wondering.

I'm linking up with Kristin and Joey for Stuff and Things. What stuff and/or things do you have going on this week? Link up and share!


Kristin said...

I think motivation in general is hard to come by in late July.
That artwork is definitely perfect and I wish I could hang something like that (in the office I don't have ha ha).
Thank goodness for a phone that doesn't need to be replaced!

Lauren Thomas said...

Your phone scenario is exactly how mine played out the day we closed on our house. My phone went into total diva mode and refused to come back to life. :( Thank goodness for insurance!

Laura Darling said...

I LOVE your artwork! So bright and fun! And I think stand up desks are awesome, I wish I had one. I hope the research days they were worth it! :)

Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

The real life radiating out of this post makes my heart so happy! I'm glad your phone is okay. I'm in LOVE with your painting. And I'm SO proud of you for going to the gym. I need to get back in the habit of getting in the gym daily.

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